PHISH – Original Bethel Woods, July 22 2022


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Original setlist watercolor painting inspired by the Phish concert at Bethel Woods, NYC on July 22, 2022 (Happy Birthday, Zoe!)

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First, I was born in Kingston, New York and grew up in Woodstock. So Phish at Bethel Woods feels extra special to me. (Someday I’ll see them there! In the meanwhile, yay! for livestreaming).  Second, my daughter Zoe was born on July 22, so Phish playing at Bethel Woods on her birthday is just extra extra special! Somehow all this specialness conjured up very old memories of playing in the fields and streams around Woodstock, seeing butterflies and fireflies and fairies (yes, I DID see fairies!). I didn’t see little smiling flying worms, but I decided to paint those anyway. A little coterie of them surrounding the musical flowers that grew during this concert… all those lovely lyrics just springing up! What a lovely lovely experience the whole thing was for me… I hope this little painting communicates some of that to you. And if you were there, or you livestreamed the show, I am pretty sure it will!!

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