PHISH – Original Setlist Alpine Valley, August 13, 2022


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Original setlist watercolor painting of the Phish concert at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, Wisconsin on August 13, 2022.


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Alpine Valley is a bucket list destination for me… I haven’t been there yet. I know the Dead played some awesome concerts there, and now I’ve had the pleasure of livestreaming this summer’s Phish shows from there. This is the first (but not the last!) setlist painting I did of these shows, and I picked this one to do first because…. Petrichor! OMG! What a beautiful song! I’m a relatively new Phish phan and I had not heard this song before. And I love it!

The venue also looks fantastic and you can tell that Phish enjoyed playing there. Were you there too? If you were (or just wanted to be), you might like this watercolor and pen/ink painting to commemorate the experience.

If you can’t see getting the original, try the downloadable copy instead!

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