PHISH – Original Orange Beach May 27, 2022


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Setlist art original from PHISH spring tour 2022. May 27, 2022 in Orange Beach, Alabama.

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One of my first setlist watercolors. I do a lot of painting, and circles are my thing… so when Page sang “Back to circles again…”, I felt like he was singing just to me. You know that feeling, right?

Some of my favorite songs showed up here… and yes, I have so many favorite Phish songs, that calling any of them a favorite is kind of a joke. You know THAT feeling, right? In any case, this was the night I got to hear Waste and Bathtub Gin. The night I learned to appreciate Gumbo (I’m sort of a new phan, okay?). Were you there? I was there with you. In spirit. On the couch, drawing circles and connecting them, because we are all connected…

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p.s. this original costs less, because it is on a lighter weight paper. Still frameable!

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