PHISH – Original Setlist Watercolor, Alpine Valley, August 12, 2022


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An original watercolor of the setlist from August 12, 2022 when Phish played at the Alpine Valley Music Center.  Find the less expensive downloadable file here and print your own!

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The first Alpine Valley show of the 2022 summer season… I’m sure spirits were high. It sure looked that way from my couch…

The set was wonderful but what stood out for me was the encore… the encores. Two of my really really favorite songs. I remember the first time I heard The Lizards. It was Shoreline in 2021 and my friend (a big Phish phan… Hi Wes!) told me that this was his favorite song. And I’m listening to this silly lyric about lizards and a knight who is too stupid to realize you can’t swim in full armour… and then and then. The most beautiful, soaring guitar I think I’ve ever heard. I was transported.

But there was MORE! On my left arm, I have a tattoo to commemorate the death of my stepson, with the lyrics from a beautiful song called The Shores of Avalon. So my left arm says “Be Brave, my love” (You can hear the song here…) On my right arm, a more recent tattoo says “Vibrating with Love and Light”.  That gives you an idea of what Phish means to me…



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