PHISH – Original Setlist MSG, December 30 2022


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Original watercolor setlist art of the December 30, 2022 show by Phish at MSG in New York City, New York.


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This setlist was from the third night of Phish’s THIRD New Year’s Eve concert series of 2022. We watched the Ninth Cube on the livestream like everyone else. It will always be remembered, of course.

On a whim, I flew to New York and got a ticket to MSG for April 22, 2022 for Phish’s make-up New Year’s Eve show that coincided with Earth Day.

And now this… my husband and I went to all four nights at YEMSG for the end of 2022. And what an amazing run!! This was a bucket list item for us both and we weren’t disappointed AT ALL!

This is the setlist for the third night… I must admit it was my favorite night of the four.  The first set was great… we were hoping for a Run Like an Antelope and we got a really good one. Before that, the Foam was not like any Foam I’d heard before… it was as if I was REALLY hearing it for the first time.

And the second set was OFF THE CHARTS. Every song (and there were only five) of the second set was inspired, amazing, unbelievable… really, words failed me every time. Golden Age… so beautiful, it just brought the entire crowd together. No Man in No Man’s Land went on forever… it was upbeat, it was dark, it was questioning, it was… it was spectacular. And Sand… oh my goodness… Sand. That night it seemed like a symphony on masculine power and confusion, expanded and beautified by If I Could. I Always Wanted It This Way soared to heights of poetry and mystery and magic.

How DOES Trey do it? How do all four of them play like this, over and over, one song after another? How do they manage to take music to such heights? And that night, how did they manage to do it time and again in the second set? Our jaws were on the floor most of the time.

I mean, I love Chalk Dust Torture, and it was great… but it was almost a relief that they only did one song in the encore. The second set was ecstatically exhausting!!


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PHISH – Original Setlist MSG, December 30 2022

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