She Cried…

I’m just back from four nights of Phish music, lucky me! I had sent off a few packages before I left. One went to a phan in Oregon who ordered three of my setlist paintings. I asked her if she got them and if she liked them and she said…

Oh, I cried. They’re wonderful. Thank you so much. They’re so intricate and bright! 

Aww… that makes me so happy!

So now that I’m back, I’ve added and changed a few things. I’m slowly but surely adding “prints” in addition to “downloadable prints”. In other words, I may have sold the original watercolor, but for a small fee, I’ll print out the setlist on special art paper and send you that… it’s *almost* indistinguishable from the original. Of course, when I get rich and famous, those originals will be worth a lot, you know.

Also, I’m adding the ability to request a custom setlist. Is there a show you loved? A show where you first fell in love with Phish? Or your wife? Or where you met your best friend? Commemorate the event by having me create a custom watercolor setlist for you!

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