I Cried…

I’m just back from Dick’s… all four nights, lucky me! I had sent off a few packages before I left. One went to a phan in Oregon who ordered three of my setlist paintings. I asked her if she got them and if she liked them and she said…

Oh, I cried. They’re wonderful. Thank you so much. They’re so intricate and bright! 

Aww… that makes me so happy!

So now that I’m back, I’ve added and changed a few things. I’m slowly but surely adding “prints” in addition to “downloadable prints”. In other words, I may have sold the original watercolor, but for a small fee, I’ll print out the setlist on special art paper and send you that… it’s *almost* indistinguishable from the original. Of course, when I get rich and famous, those originals will be worth a lot, you know.

Also, I’m adding the ability to request a custom setlist. Is there a show you loved? A show where you first fell in love with Phish? Or your wife? Or where you met your best friend? Commemorate the event by having me create a custom watercolor setlist for you.

And I’ve done setlists for show one, two and three of the four Dick’s shows so far. Of course, the last show of the run and the summer tour was special… and so I’m taking my time with it. I want it to be great, like the show was!

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