PHISH – Toronto, August 10, 2022


Downloadable file to print out your own setlist watercolor painting of Phish’s performance in Toronto, Canada on August 10, 2022. Or buy the original here

It was the only concert that Phish performed this summer outside of the United States… from the viewpoint of my couch, it seemed like a lovely venue. The concert was a dream… they opened with a great Sigma Oasis… and it just went from there. I loved Twenty Years Later… I always do. And Death Don’t Hurt Very Long is a new favorite. Hope you enjoyed the show too!! If you were there, maybe you’d like an original setlist instead of a poster? It takes up less room on your wall 🙂 and if you are like me, wall space is getting scarce…


Want to buy the original watercolor instead? Click here!

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