PHISH – Noblesville, Indiana June 5, 2022


Downloadable file of setlist art for the Phish show at Noblesville, Indiana on June 5, 2022. Or buy the original here!

One of my first setlist paintings for Phish. Well, for anyone. In my mind, Indiana is a place of trees and flowers somewhere between California and New York. Is it? I’ve never been there. But the show evoked that pastoral setting for me, so that’s what I painted. Of course, in addition to the painting, there’s the poetry of the song titles and lyrics… I love the random poems that get created!

For example,

He lectured me in a language strange,

I struggled with Destiny.

I’m still upside down,

Now I know the reason.

Ha! Can you name all the songs those snippets of lyrics came from?

If you don’t want the downloadable file, you can buy the original here! Makes a great memento!

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