PHISH – Downloadable Print of Dick’s, Commerce City, Colorado, September 4, 2022


Commemorating the Phish show at Dick’s in Commerce City on September 4, 2022

I have a tattoo on my right arm with one of my favorite Phish lyrics, so hearing “More” was especially wonderful for me. And it was my first “Icculus”! And so many other uplifting songs that night… it was as if the band wanted to leave us with the most inspiration possible. And then in the encore, they started to spell out “Dick’s”… but they left us hanging. Or they left us wanting more. (I wanted more…). Or they left us until next time. All those things are probably true.

My experience at Dick’s was absolutely fantastic… I loved the music, the venue, the lemonade, my friends, the hotel we stayed at, the rain, the sun, the anticipation, the fulfillment, the expanded consciousness in all its forms, the smiles, the dancing, the singing, my friends, did I mention my friends? … the whole package.

If you want to commemorate your time at Dick’s, buy one of the original paintings (Night One, Night Two, Night Three). Or buy the package of prints here. Of course, you can also buy the prints individually if you want (Night One, Night Two, Night Three or Night Four). And you can download them if you prefer that (Night One, Night Two, Night Three).

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