PHISH – Charleston, June 1, 2022


Download and print your own copy of this PHISH setlist from June 1, 2022 in Charleston, South Carolina. Remember how the music made you feel…

I love this man. This man is my guy. He wears a hat, as if he is the guy in those Magritte paintings. But he isn’t, you know. He’s a Phish phan. He may not look like it at first glance, but he wears his donuts on his sleeve… well, on his coat, anyway. He has regrets, but he blazes on. He remembers what it feels like to be free, but barely. He sold his soul for a pile of cash, but now he’s back on the train and he’s not going to look back. He loves his Phish, as do I. As do you, apparently, or you wouldn’t be here! And if you only stumbled here, then check it out for yourself!

Don’t want to buy a mere file? Want to give the original as a gift, or frame it and put it on your wall? Or put it in that stack of Phish posters you haven’t quite framed yet? You can buy the original here!

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